Women beware! Stay clear of heart attacks.

Women beware! Stay clear of heart attacks.

Heart problems in women have been on the rise these last couple of decades. Since it is usually considered a health condition that men have to deal with, the signs and symptoms present in women go unnoticed for the most part. There are studies pointing to the evidence that every 3 out of 5 women in India are at risk of a heart attack.

What you should stay alert for

Women are more likely to feel abnormal symptoms when it comes to their heart, as compared to men. The initial signs could be inclusive of heartburn, or burning in the upper abdominal region, persistent tiredness, breathing problems, and nausea. Other things to lookout for are an uncomfortable pain in the arms, jaw or neck, and a cold sweat. However, there are many women who display no symptoms at all prior to a heart attack.

While the typical male heart attack indicators are very similar in nature, they may not experience a shortness of breath, any dizziness or a neck pain. The female coronary arteries play a role in altering the heart attack symptoms of a women’s body. A heart attack is caused in humans when their coronary arteries are blocked. While male heart attacks cause a blockage in the main coronaries, female bodies experience a blockage in their smaller arteries.

Watch your age

While men start being vulnerable to a heart attack at around the age of 30, the average women is at risk by the time she is 40 – 45. This is almost a ten year difference. This is why some heart attack indicators are overlooked in women, as they are mistaken for something less serious – or simply blamed on the natural ageing process.

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In cases where these symptoms are picked up on, a delay has been noticed among women in seeking medical attention. This, unfortunately, could be the difference between surviving a heart attack and succumbing to the condition. The usual drug used for the treatment of a heart attack is drug that loosens clots in the arteries. This drug makes sure that any blood clots are cleared. However, this drug works best within one hour of the initial heart attack symptoms, so ignoring them would only lead to the worsening of the condition.

Keeping cardiac conditions at bay

It is imperative that a woman keep track of her blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels constantly. Just like men, the higher these numbers are, the higher the risk of a heart attack. Try to keep them under control by daily exercise and healthy eating habits. Smokers need to get rid of the habit as soon as possible. Your diet needs to low on fat and rich in other nutrients. A reduction in the amount of salt you consume could also go a long way in heart attack prevention.

Sometimes, these conditions are unavoidable due to genetic factors. Check your family history and figure out if there could be a natural risk of you developing a heart condition. Additionally, start being aware as your age increases, since the risk factor also rises in older men and women.

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Women beware! Stay clear of heart attacks.

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