The Best Biscuits to Dunk in Tea

The Best Biscuits to Dunk in Tea

Have you ever wondered what makes your daily cup of tea yield such a magnetic pull, that you look forward to it day after day, as an intrinsic part of your routine? It is the biscuits that accompany it and what makes the choice of biscuit stand out? Well, two factors need to be taken into account.

  • Firstly, which biscuit would hold its shape and texture while being dunked in a hot cup of tea?

  • Secondly, how much the biscuit would render itself to absorption of the flavour of tea, so that both can come together in an orchestrated symphony?

It is so integral a part of personal taste and preference that battles can be fought and partition lines drawn, if you risk stoking up a debate on the issue, at hand. Well, today I would lay down a few of the favourites, gleaned from my many interactions with some staunch tea aficionados.

  1. Britannia Marie Biscuit: For those of us who are unfortunate enough to have been confined in a hospital would surely have had tasted this biscuit. For years, I admit, I thought doctors have a secret subscription that allows them unlimited access to this biscuit. As more and more adults would vouch for, this is one biscuit which pairs wonderfully with the daily cup of tea. Being crisp, dry and having the tendency to retain its texture and shape in hot tea, the blandness of this biscuit absorbs the multi-faceted flavour of tea make it the ideal husband-wife couple. A tad too predictable but a bond of a lifetime!

  2. Parle – G Biscuit: This is vintage stuff. I have heard my parents narrate anecdotes of partaking this biscuit during long train journey and I am sure, they must have had heard similar tales from their parents. This is one biscuit that has been part of the India tea experience since ages and the fervour simply refuse to die down. Immensely delicious, highly absorbent, milky flavoured biscuit pairs wonderfully well with richly brewed indigenous tea. The perfect mother – son combo, if ever there was one!

  3. Britannia Milk Bikis: A close cousin of Parle – G, in taste and texture. They are a bit larger in size and more robust in consistency. They pair well with the daily cup of steaming tea. The perfect Father – son combo.

Times are changing and tastes are evolving. What was once considered a safe food are now a risky terrain to be chartered. The consumption of biscuits itself has come under the scanner with doctors issuing strict warnings on biscuits being a health hazard on account of the usage of refined flour and trans fat. The innocuous cup of tea- biscuit combination seems to have lost its zing in this quest to pursue good health. Will the curtains be drawn on this age-old tradition, finally?

No, wait. The story is just unfolding. Changing health perspectives have jolted the biscuit company makers out of their reverie and forced some drastic changes in the key ingredients to be used, in their effort to make it more wholesome, while at the same time keeping the taste and crunch quotient intact. Some of the best new age, healthier options, which make it to the list are:

  1. Cremica Digestive Biscuits: The goodness of Whole grain Atta makes the Cremica Digestive Biscuit nutritious and delectable. They are healthy, crunchy and richly absorbent, for all those health-conscious folks who like to have their cake and eat it too. The perfect new age besotted couple.

  2. Cremica Ajwain Cracker: For the total Desi at heart, there can be no better combination than the bite of Ajwain/ carom seeds with their daily biscuit dunked in tea, reminding them of home-made savouries, lovingly prepared by their mothers and grandmothers. The crackle of a cracker and the holistic goodness of carom seeds come together in this indigenous blend of Cremica Ajwain Cracker and a hot cup of tea. The perfect Grandma- Grandchild duo.


The Best Biscuits to Dunk in Tea

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