Liposuction and Its Potential Risk Factors

Liposuction is essentially a surgical procedure that puts into service a unique suction technique for the removal of fat from specific areas of your body, for example, arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips, neck, and thighs. Liposuction also brings about an appropriate contouring of these areas. Liposuction is alternatively known as Lipoplasty or body contouring.

Is liposuction a customary weight loss technique?

• If truth be told, as per experts from leading liposuction clinics, the procedure isn’t generally
thought about as an overarching weight-loss method or an alternative.
• If you suffer from overweightness, you have a greater likelihood of losing more weight by means of
dietary restrictions, exercise or via bariatric invasive procedures such as gastric bypass surgery.
• A person with obesity isn’t an ideal candidate for liposuction.
• Only if you have excessive body fat in certain areas of your body, despite having a normal body
weight, liposuction may come of good benefit to you.

Why is liposuction done?
• As stated by the best liposuction surgeon, the prime goal of the procedure is to eliminate fat from specific areas of your body which haven’t responded too well to diet or exercise.
• These areas include the following.
o Abdomen
o Buttocks
o Calves and ankles
o Chest and back
o Chin and neck
o Hips and thighs
o Upper arms
• Besides, the utility of liposuction is occasionally made the most of for male breast reduction or Gynecomastia treatment.
• With your weight gain, the fat cells exhibit an increase in their size and volume.
• According to the best liposuction surgeon, it consequently helps diminish the number of fat cells within a particular area of your body.
• The amount of fat drawn out is influenced by the volume of the fat in and the appearance of the treated body area.
• The ensuing changes in body contour are generally considered permanent, assuming that your body weight remains normal and stable.
• After the culmination of liposuction, the skin sculpts itself with new contours in the treated areas.
• In case you’re blessed with a skin having good tone and elasticity, liposuction helps make your skin look smoother.
• On the contrary, if you’ve got a thin skin with poor elasticity, the effect of liposuction in the treated areas makes your skin look saggy.
• As a matter of fact, you won’t get any improvement in skin surface irregularities or cellulite dimpling.
• Likewise, liposuction isn’t of good use in removing stretch marks.
• A good candidate for liposuction surgery in Delhi is one who enjoys normal, good health and is bereft of conditions like diabetes, coronary artery disease, restricted blood flow, or a frail immune system, that possibly will complicate the surgical procedure.
Risk factors
• As is applicable to all major surgeries, liposuction too carries a few risk factors, such as bleeding and an allergic reaction to anesthesia.
• Probable liposuction side effects and complications include:
o Contour irregularities
 Because of disproportionate fat removal, inferior skin elasticity, and atypical healing your skin may appear rough, crimped or shriveled.
 These unexpected, unusual changes may well be permanent.
 Damage inflicted by the cannula underneath your skin in the course of liposuction may make your skin look permanently patchy and spotted.
o Fluid accumulation
 There can be the formation of temporary fluid pockets or seromas beneath your skin.
 This fluid needs to be drained out of the body with a needle.
o Numbness
 The affected area may render a feeling of temporary or long-standing numbness.
 You may expect a short-term nerve irritation as well.
o Infection
 Seldom may you contract skin infections, even though they’re possible.
 A severe skin infection can even cause a life-threatening condition.
o Internal puncture
 Not often does a cannula penetrate so deep as to the extent of puncturing an internal organ.
 But, if it happens the condition calls for an emergency surgical repair.
o Fat embolism
 Shreds of slackened fat may cut loose and become locked in within a blood vessel, accumulate in the lungs or even take a trip to the brain.
 Fat embolism is considered a medical emergency.
o Kidney and heart problems
 During liposuction, fluids are injected and suctioned out.
 This leads to alterations in your body’s fluid levels which in turn can engender potentially incurable heart, lung, and kidney problems.
o Lidocaine toxicity
 Lidocaine is an anesthetic which is injected along with the fluids for pain management.
 Even though the medication is considered safe, under rare circumstances, lidocaine toxicity can happen.
 As a consequence grave issues with the heart and central nervous system may take shape.
At Radiance Cosmedic Center, liposuction procedures are carried out only by highly qualified specialists trained in cosmetic procedures under the supervision of internally acclaimed and ABHRS and ISHRS certified liposuction surgeon in Delhi, Dr.Mayank Singh.
People who have undergone cosmetic surgery at Radiance or our newly opened center at Best Hair Transplant in Delhi have access to world-class technology, facilities, and professionals while seeking care at our clinics.
Your Radiance care team will invest adequate time in explaining all your options and the aspects of your care, including costs and likely complications, and directing attention to all your questions and concerns.

Liposuction and Its Potential Risk Factors

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