All of us want to be fit for life right?

However, there are cases in life when we tend to become overweight, and it can become tough to get back in shape. Some people prefer to work it out the hard way and some natural methods to get rid of weight.

The method which people use to get rid of numerous inches off them with associated weight loss in the form of cosmetic surgeries is called liposuction. It is an expensive process where the plastic surgeon sucks out the extra fat in places like the belly, back, arms, hips, thighs, and face. By doing this, the body shape and structure can be brought back to leaner form.

What to consider before seeking the surgery?

Well, this surgery is expensive as well as risky. It can cost your life if your surgeon isn’t a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon operating upon you himself or herself. Doctors do not recommend it unless you are gutsy as a patient to undergo the method of treatment as there are associated with discomfort and pain. Some key points to be kept in mind before seeking the surgery is:

  •  You need to have a firm elastic skin
  •  Should be with in 20 to 30% of your ideal weight
  •  Not an individual living with recently developed heart disease on medications, uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension and an immune system which is weak.

Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Cost of Liposuction Surgery:

This treatment costs significantly . Before applying it on yourself make sure you visit 3-4 super specialist plastic surgeons and take their recommendations. It is always better to be tested by a bunch of people instead of one individual. Helps to get better clarity of what exactly you require. A surgery for liposuction to be performed in Delhi will have an average cost of 1 to 2 lakhs depending upon the operation details, liters of fat removed and the specialist doctors qualification experience and charges.


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Instructions to be followed:

A decision taken to get rid of weight comes with much responsibility. Here the doctor will ask the patient to get rid of certain habits. These habits will be related to the consumption of food and beverage intake ie. Calorie charting and intake
Make sure you discuss your allergies and past medical records with your doctor and details of any addictions, as it helps.

Some of the common drugs which the patient will have to Stop before the surgery will be blood thinners and a few vitamin supplements if you are consuming them . So inform your plastic surgeon about any medicines that you consuming.

The types of liposuction are:

Before the surgery, you will notice that your expert will make specific markings on your body to show you about the areas where the fat will be eradicated. The surgeon will make a note on the type of technique he/she will use over the patient to perform the surgery in various areas.

types of liposuction are

  • – Tumescent Liposuction

This is the most used type of liposuction. The surgeon usually injects a solution into the body which helps in the removal of fat in a particular part. The injected particles help the large vessels stay restricted to an area so that it can be treated. The surgeon makes a keyhole incision in the skin and breaks the fat which is sucked out with a machine. The tube is attached to the machine and an instrument is inserted into the opening cut is called a cannula which sucks out the unwanted fat and fluid out from the body.

  • – Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

This formula includes a procedure where the surgeons machine emits ultrasonic energy into the areas where the fat needs to be removed. It is done with the help of a metal rod. This breaks down the fat in the body and makes it easy to suck it out. This method is recommended as it reduces the chances of skin trauma and reduces the efforts for your surgeon to break the firm fat in your body

  • – Laser-assisted liposuction

Here the surgeon inserts a laser fiber into the body. This is inserted through a small incision in the skin. This technique frees away the fatty deposits from the body. However, the fat is later removed with the help of a cannula. this method usually works for lesser area and minimal fat lipolysis

  • – Power assisted liposuction

This helps in the easy removal of hard and soft fat. The cannula is moved back and forth with vibration motio to get rid of the fat hence reduces the manual force

  • Side effects of liposuction:

The surgery can cause temporary swelling in the body. The first few months post this surgery is performed will need to be monitored as the body will be delicate. The areas treated will tend to look leaner with maybe some distortions. The skin will be firm and less saggy. It would be best if you gave the treatment at least a few weeks to months to show up on the results.

We hope to have covered your questions concerning this topic. Feel free to contact us anytime at Radiance Cosmedic Centre. Dr. Mayank Singh, our expert, who is well known plastic, cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will be happy to help you. He comes with much experience in the industry and is trained internationally.


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