Have you ever noticed men or boys with large breast? Sometimes we chuckle and call them man-boobs. Well yes, man boobs exist. However, it is high time we stop making fun and start taking it seriously. Men tend to have overgrown breasts if they have imbalances concerning their health.

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the male breast tissue increases with a composition of fat and gland. This occurs in boys or men. The primary reason why this happens is due to the psychological changes happening at adolescence and reverses by the end of teen years by itself. There might be some imbalances caused in the hormones especially the estrogen and the testosterone too. This imbalance can also affect either one or both the breasts.

It occurs when the boy is going through puberty. This issue does not end there. It can also happen when men get older. Hormonal imbalances in the body occur at puberty, and aging levels post the age of 45 years.




Gynecomastia can go away on its own by end of 18 to 19 years,  but if it doesn’t resolve by then, to get rid of it one needs professional  help

Is gynecomastia a serious problem?

Well if you are wondering, then it is no. This issue is not grave. It causes discomfort though. There are cases where men and boys can go through severe breast pain. The overgrowth of breasts can also disfigure the body physique which can break down confidence and self-esteem.

However, sometimes gynecomastia can cause serious issues like:

In addition to body changes such as puberty, aging, etc, some things that can cause gynecomastia are:

•    Thyroid
•    Obesity
•    Heart diseases
•    Depression
•    Ulcers
•    Kidney Failure
•    Liver Cirrhosis


Male breast surgery Recovery

What are the common symptoms?

The patient will face issues like swollen breast gland tissues or feel some tenderness in the breast area. If the patient experiences  any pain, swelling, nipple discharge in one or both the breasts the situation needs to be taken seriously. The patient needs to seek the doctor for immediate examination.

How to diagnose the issue?

Pay a visit to your physician. Your physician may perform a normal examination on you regarding the following:
•    Might ask about your family history concerning health conditions
•    Evaluate your medical and drug history
•    May ask you to have a review of your breast tissue, genitals, and abdomen
•    Mammograms and blood tests are a routine

Types of gynecomastia:

The development of estrogen and testosterone hormones take place in both men and women. However male hormones are controlled by testosterone which is why they possess muscles and excessive hair on the body. Estrogen regulates the female traits in the body which is why they develop breasts post-puberty.


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In some case, during a hormonal imbalance, there are chances where men tend to produce female hormones, and the levels go high. This results in gynecomastia surgery. The type of levels it can be present are:

  • In Infants: Infants develop gynecomastia because of the estrogen present in the mother’s body. Many male infants are born with enlarged breasts by birth. It disappears naturally as the swollen tissues subside within a few weeks after delivery.
  • While hitting puberty: Hormones change while boys hit puberty. This issue is common, and many face it during this age. If treatment is provided at the right time the swollen tissues go away within a short span.
  • In older men: The final cycle of hormonal changes in a man are faced in between the age of 55 to 65 years. According to research 1 out of 5 men get affected by gynecomastia.

What are the causes of gynecomastia?

If you binge on alcohol, amphetamines, marijuana, heroin, and methadone, then you will be highly prone to suffer from his syndrome.

Type of treatment for gynecomastia?

The specialists frequently suggest a time to time re-evaluation. In most of the cases, the swollen breast tissues tend to disappear as time goes by. The breast gland tissue and surrounding fat need to be removed in the procedure. It takes a couple of hours to finish the procedure and the patient’s discharged the same day within a few hours. Postoperative recovery takes 2 to 3 days. No bed rest is required and normal daily activities can be resumed in a few days itself. A sleeveless compression garment needs to be worn for approx 6 to 8 weeks after procedure under normal clothing. Exercising, gymming, jogging swimming etc. May be resumed in 3 to 4 weeks .

We hope all your questions are answered. If you still have queries either call us or write to us. We will be happy to help. If you are based in Delhi then to seek reasonable results one needs to visit the right doctor. Visit a gynecomastia surgery doctor at Radiance Cosmedic Clinic who has the solutions to all the problems. Dr. Mayank Singh is trained internationally for gynecomastia treatment as well as hair transplantation has hundreds of successful cases to his credit related to gynecomastia. Dr. Singh will examine the patient and suggest the best treatment which will help the patient recover soon.

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