Catch diabetes early and prevent it sooner with these tips

Catch diabetes early and prevent it sooner with these tips

With obesity turning into a major problem in the modern world, the occurrences of diabetes have risen drastically. Especially among the youth, diabetes has become a common incidence.

Take the example of the USA, the American Diabetes Association informed in 2012 that approximately 29.1 million Americans (give or take 9% of the total population) were affected by either type-1 or type-2 diabetes. 1.25 million of these were mere infants with the more dangerous type-1 form.

This is just a glimpse of the fast spreading problem among the modern youth. There are many living in the world, who may not even have the knowledge to get themselves diagnosed for diabetes. For those you worried, here are some things you might want to stay on the lookout for:

  • Diet – Your diet is a very important factor which influences your body fat and sugar levels. In the present day, the food we eat is high on starch, inorganic, pre-packed and processed. It is also high on chemicals. Almost 90% of the people who are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes are also obese.
  • Lifestyle – In general, your routine may or may not contribute heavily to diabetes. People who tend to spend more time indoors, doing minimal activity are prone to it. Moreover, it has been long since the positive influence of increased physical activity in reducing the risk of diabetes has been discovered.

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Studies have found that changing your lifestyle and losing weight at frequent intervals can keep diabetes at bay among those adults with a higher chance of developing the disease. This could be done by increasing your daily physical activity.

  • Some symptoms that should alert you

  1. having a dry mouth/ a never-ending thirst
  2. being hungry all the time
  3. urinating more often than normal
  4. skin being dry
  5. dwindling concentration
  6. sudden and excessive weight gain
  7. constant tiring
  8. improper vision
  9. wounds heal slowly
  10. impotence

Many past researches have shown that there are several foods which have been found to aid against diabetes. Any type of beans such as kidney beans and black beans (high fiber diet) are a very good preventive measure against the disease. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach (low carb diet), which also happens to include many other useful nutrients can be used to reduce weight gain. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C and citrus should also be a constant part of your diet if you would like to prevent or delay type-1/type-2 diabetes.

Eat healthy, exercise, and live a long happy life!

Catch diabetes early and prevent it sooner with these tips

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