What Are The Causes of Dry Mouth, And How to Get Rid of This Problem?

Dry mouth is the condition in which the mouth does not make enough saliva due to several reasons. Friern Barnet Dentist says that drinking lots of water is one of the best solutions to get rid of dry mouth. But sometimes the dry mouth problem turns into a big problem and the person begins to develop several types of diseases.

Dry mouth is a very uncomfortable and irritating condition that can only be felt by the person who is suffering from it. Dental Implants in Barnet dentist informed that in this condition, the glands which produce saliva stop working due to many medical conditions. In medical language, this condition is known as xerostomia or hyposalivation. Many causes develop the problem of dry mouth, and thus it is essential to visit the best dentist to get the treatment.

Causes of Dry Mouth

According to the Dentist Bounds Green and Weekend Dentist in Barnet, there are several reasons which develop the condition of dry mouth. Here are some of the major causes:

• Dry mouth sometimes happens due to stress, anxiety, depression, and tension
• Smoking and eating tobacco are also one of the major reasons for dry mouth
• Taking marijuana and tranquilisers also dry the mouth
• Breathing from open mouth
• Medical conditions like fever, cough, etc. may also cause dry mouth
• Some medicines like antihistamines, antidepressants, and appetite suppressants
• Certain radiation therapy of head and neck
• Age is also a factor that may cause dry mouth

How dry mouth affects dental health

Dentist of the Root canal treatment in North London says that dry mouth can attack dental health, which may harm the gums and teeth roots as well. Specific dry mouth affects dental health care:
Digestion problem: Saliva in the mouth helps the food to digest. Saliva makes it possible to chew the food properly, which helps in better digestion
Cleanser: Saliva is a natural cleanser that prevents the mouth from various dental problems
Gum disease: Dry mouth can develop the problem of gum disease, even if people have maintained proper hygiene
Tooth decay problem: Tooth decay is one of the major issues of the dry mouth which can also increase the risk of damaged teeth roots

Home remedies for dry mouth

Before taking any medicines, Friern Barnet dentist has suggested trying some of the home remedies for dry mouth:
• Drinking lots of water to hydrate your mouth
• Maintain oral hygiene with proper brushing and flossing
• Avoid excess sugar and salt intake
• Eat ginger, honey frequently
• Use the toothpaste which contains fluoride
• Avoid taking unnecessary medicines
• Try to breathe from the mouth.

Dry mouth is not a common problem as it affects the whole dental mouth. A dentist from the Teeth Straightening in North London clinic says that dry mouth should be treated with proper medicines if you did not have relief from the home remedies.

What Are The Causes of Dry Mouth, And How to Get Rid of This Problem?

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