Teeth Cavities in Children

The cavity is the hole in the teeth which can become the permanently damaged part of the mouth if it is not treated on time. This is the most common problem of the tooth in the world which affects all age groups. Even, now a day the children are affected more from this type of tooth decay problems because of unhygienic teeth. Top dentist in Delhi has suggested that regular visits to the dentist can make your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

The word cavity is very common and we often hear this word whenever we visit d0entist or read something about dental. But have you ever thought about how this cavity is developed? Here are some of the major conditions of the mouth which allows the cavities to attack the teeth.

Formation of Plaque:

The plaque is a sticky thing on the teeth which is formed due to eating a lot of spicy and sugary things and not cleaning them properly. Normally, the babies eat a lot of candies and chocolates and avoid to floss their teeth properly. The remaining food creates bacteria and then plaque is formed.

Attack of plaque: Plaque consists of an acid that starts to do the erosion of the teeth slowly. The erosion makes the holes in the enamel which is the first stage of the cavities. The children’s teeth are so sensitive that they get the hole very easily.

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Formation of Cavities:

The cavities the first stage have started from the formation of tiny holes and later the process continues by creating more problems like swollen teeth, pain in the nerves, bleeding and sometimes if it is not treated then it can also affect the tooth root.

The best dentist in Delhi has marked some of the risk factors which should be avoided if your kids are suffering from the early stage of Cavities.

Don’t avoid the back teeth because tooth decay starts from these teeth and then slowly it attacks the front teeth. Brush and clean it properly after eating.

Avoid all the sugary things like cakes, ice creams, candies, cookies, pancakes, donuts, chips, etc. The more consumption of these foods can invite more bacteria to your tiny holes.

Avoid the soda and other acidic drinks because it gives the warm bath to your teeth plaque which helps them to do the teeth erosion more quickly.
Don’t feed your baby during bedtime. Avoid bottle kinds of milk, juice and other sugary beverages.
Don’t avoid the cleanliness of teeth at bedtime.

Symptom of Cavities

The best dental clinic in Delhi have remarked some basic symptoms:

Sensitive teeth
Sudden pain
Stains on the teeth
Holes in the teeth

Dent Ally dental clinic is the best dental clinic in India which can cure your children’s teeth of cavities if you will regularly visit the clinic for a check-up. The clinic has many other facilities and has been also declared as one of the best dental implants in India. So, if you see any symptom of the cavity on your kid’s teeth then make appointments to cure it quickly.

Teeth Cavities in Children

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