Some of The Important Causes for White Spots on Teeth

White spots on teeth can be common but a serious oral health problem. Best Dentist in India said that the main reason for white spots in the presence of bacterial acid because they keep on dissolving the tooth enamel and leave the white chalky spots on the teeth permanently.

The white shiny teeth give you a confident beautiful smile. On the other hand discoloration of teeth can make you uncomfortable and hesitate you to speak or smile properly.

The White spots can be formed because of acute discoloration which is popularly known as decalcification. There are many causes which can develop white spots on teeth.

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Causes for the White Spots on Teeth

Overgrowth of Bacteria: The presence of too much bacteria in the mouth helps in the formation of white spots on teeth. It takes less than 24 hours to develop plaque and bacteria growth in the mouth. The acidic nature of the bacteria erodes the teeth and leaves the white dental spots.
Excess Fluoride: Excess fluoride-based toothpaste or consuming from other sources also make the spotted white teeth. This mostly happens during childhood when the tooth and enamels both are forming and they are attacked by too much fluoride. Fluoridated water, fluoride toothpaste, and several medications including fluoride can be the main cause for white spots.
Diet: No doubt that diet plays a vital role in the development and growth of our whole body. The lack of calcium in the food can make the teeth weak and even white spotted. Foods like milk, cheese, curd, almonds, and other green leafy vegetables can be a good source for calcium.
Medicines: Medicines have both negative and positive effects on our health. According to the studies, antibiotics impact a lot on oral health. The drugs in medicine do the erosion of the tooth enamel. This has very negative effects on children’s bodies.
Smoking: The tobacco thins the enamel and makes the teeth week to get the white spots. Top Dentist in Delhi even told that when the pregnant ladies smoke, it can affect the baby in the womb. The babies can get oral infection and discoloration of teeth after their birth.
Braces: The person having braces at any time can notice that there are white spots on the point where the braces were glued to the teeth. Due to the high amount of acidic things present in the mouth, the minerals stripped from the tooth can cause the white spots.
Extreme High Fever: High fever can make oral health down due to dehydration and consuming high power medicines. The mouth becomes dry at this condition and the acid takes advantage to attack the whole dental health.

Final Word

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Some of The Important Causes for White Spots on Teeth

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