4 Cosmetic Dentistry and Design Options for That Winsome Smile

x4 Cosmetic Dentistry and Design Options for That Winsome Smile

Have you of late looked at the mirror?

Was your first regret the appearance of your teeth?

Maybe, your teeth continue retaining the same strength which they’ve always had. But now you find out some hideous, crooked teeth here and there or uneven gums. Some unsightly dark stains too may have started showing up. Perhaps, all these have a lot to do with excessive coffee intake, unmanageable smoking habits or bad, long-drawn-out oral hygiene.

No matter what, you’ve started smiling in moderation and it has already begun to hit you hard. When you smile less, all it leaves you with are pathetic self-confidence and drive, especially in public. The good news – now there’s a solution to prevent your smile from fading away.

With smile design service, that includes ultra-modern techniques of gum contouring, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and orthodontic care you can revivify your smile, make it more youthful and give a boost to your morale. Besides, it’s a great choice for patients who have no time or intent to wear ugly-looking braces or opt for other lengthy dental procedures.

  1. Gum Contouring

People with overly gummy smiles may look unappealing at times. With gum contouring, creating the appearance of longer teeth, balanced gums, and brilliant smile is realized. The method of smile designing in New Delhi leverages most recent technological advancements including laser dentistry. To ensure a stunning smile design, gum contouring makes use of the avant-garde treatment of laser dentistry to shorten the length or reshape the structure and appearance of your gums.

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Oftentimes patients are found to have lopsided gums that even stretch and invade your teeth. To rectify and equipoise an extremely gummy smile, a team of smile designing experts performs a gum surgery commonly known as “crown lengthening”. As symmetry is believed to bring in a profusion of beauty, when you have a uniform gum line, the mien is as visually attractive as when you’ve white, sparkling teeth.

Gum lifts also help usher in a healthier mouth, as your teeth will be easier to clean and less susceptible to gum disease.

  1. Teeth Whitening

White, glistening teeth form the keystone of a stunning smile. As a consequence, teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in recent times. Even though you’ll find many stores having shelves chockfull with at-home teeth whitening remedies to try out, the quickest, safest and most efficacious way to blench your teeth white is by seeking the service of a professional dental team.

Premier smile designing clinics offer specialized teeth whitening to help get rid of stains for patients with discolored and stained teeth caused by life’s wear and tear, like intake of foods and beverages, poor oral care, smoking, or certain medications. Brighter and clearer smiles always invite a second glance and elicit the more nice-looking, youthful side of your appearance.

  1. Dental veneers

This is another outstanding cosmetic dentistry option which can jazz up your smile. Dental veneers are essentially pearl-white caps or shells made of porcelain or resin and customized to shield the outer surface of your teeth. They’re very thin and superbly match and mount over your existing teeth and tweak your appearance post-haste. Veneers are considered copybook to cover up distinct flaws like cracks, chips, and discoloration. They’re precisely attuned and fitted to your teeth. Where does this best smile designing treatment lead you to? Well, it’s nowhere farther from a brighter, more uniform and healthier-looking smile.

It’s recommended for patients to opt for veneer application when they find teeth whitening procedure ineffective for them. Moreover, veneers have some unique advantages. They help reflect light, avoid stain buildup, exhibit strength and durability, and finally proffer you with a disarmingly beautiful smile.

  1. Fixing a distorted smile

Every so often, orthodontic care is a standout amongst the best ways by which crooked teeth, skewed jaws, and misaligned bites can be treated and cured. The treatment option includes appropriate positioning of different types of braces such as traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign braces. In addition to improving facial features, orthodontic care strengthens your oral health. Straight teeth and well-aligned jaws facilitate excellent upkeep of oral hygiene.

Best dental clinics provide all-inclusive orthodontic treatments aimed at serving both adults and children. These are the same clinics where you pay a visit to consultations with your dentist and hygienist. No matter what orthodontic treatment is determined suitably best for you, the placement of braces helps straighten your teeth, corrects your biting and chewing styles, makes your appearance better, and improves your oral health and helps you feel better about yourself.

In case cosmetic dental imperfections are ticking you off, think about seeking help from our eclectic smile design procedures at Stunning Dentistry. Our dental clinic in Delhi proudly serves patients who visit us for free initial consultations and second opinions. Get in touch with us today!



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4 Cosmetic Dentistry and Design Options for That Winsome Smile

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