Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics In Delhi, That You Are Looking For?

Hair transplantation in Delhi, a common thought on most individual’s mind. So, for the ones who have made their mind to go ahead with a hair transplant and are seeking the best spot to get it done, your search ends right here right now in Delhi, India for your hair graft. As a known fact, Delhi is the capital city of India, popular for dozens of things and even more famous for the subtropical temperatures making it a great place to travel for a short holiday.

All hair transplant centers in Delhi and NCR can offer you the best hair transplant treatments and services and what qualities make them the best.

Let us have a look at a list  for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi



1. Radiance Cosmedic Centre

radiance cosmedic centre logo

Radiance Cosmedic Centre is known to be the best for hair transplant surgeries as it has an experience of many years and has successfully offered the best results by conducting hair transplant surgeries for more than 3500+ patients. Its experienced gold medalist doctor and specialized plastic surgeon  Dr. Mayank Singh is well-known for using the latest and customized techniques like Simultaneous Hair transplant (iRAD), Follicular Unit Transplant,  Follicular Unit Extraction, and Hybrid hair transplant called R ultima, to ensure the natural look for the patients and that too at affordable rates.

It stands out amongst all other hair transplant clinics as its hair transplant surgeon is ranked amongst the top 100 hair surgeons in the world.

radiance before and after result


Clinic Address: 



MOBILE +91 9015112233; +91 8527844462


2. Enhance Clinics

enhance logo

Enhance Clinics is mainly a prominent player in the market known for the best in class hair and skin therapies. It’s the best hair transplant in Delhi and throughout the nation. The center is also particularly known for its best services but also affordable solutions. Whether it is a hair loss problem that you are facing or a skin related problem that troubles you, Berkowits has got you covered for everything.

enhance before and after


Clinic Address:  E-84, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi – 110 048

Mobile: +91 9212110094


3. Hair & Senses Clinic – Tagore Garden – New Delhi

hair sense logo

Hair & Senses has always been a great and first preference for the Delhi population whenever it was about getting new hair implants. As hundreds of patients have also leveraged from the expert solution help and advanced therapies and treatments offered across Delhi.

hairnsenses before and after


Clinic Address: FC-88, Ground Floor, Tagore Garden, New Delhi – 110027

Mobile: +91-9891038822


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4. Provelus Hair Transplant – Delhi

Provelus logo

We are experts in what we do and that is Hair transplantation. Our out of the box concept of combining plastic surgery simplification and precision with cutting edge tech makes sure that every transplant done is done with precision and perfection. It is nothing to be shocked or surprised that we are perhaps the first choice when it comes to hair transplants. As having a presence in the market since 1981.

Provelus before and after


Clinic Address:  1001, Padma Tower-1, Rajendra Place, New Delhi, India

Mobile: +91 9650047060


5. AK Clinics – Delhi

AK Clinics logo

AK’s a trusted name in hair transplants and skin treatments not just in Delhi but also the nation. Having a highly-skilled surgeon who is assisted by a skilled team of assistants who know the in and out of all kinds of transplants.

AK Clinics before and after


Clinic Address:  M 20, Near M Block Market, Hans Raj Gupta Marg, M Block, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi-110048

Mobile: +91 9779944207


6. Aravali Clinic – Delhi

aravali logo

Aravali is known to be offering the most reliable services in hair implants which are based in Delhi. It has a wide range of services offered in the capital city of India. On the other hand, we stand as a trustworthy service provider which is headed by some of the most distinguished surgeons and skilled assistants on board.


aravali before and after


Clinic Address: C2/8, Block C, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057

Mobile: +91-9910212059


7. Natural Hair Transplant Clinic – Delhi

satya logoNatural Hair Transplant (NHT) is acclaimed to be one of the first centers for hair transplant in India. The hair clinic is mainly well equipped with the required machinery and technologies ensuring the best hair transplantation.


satya before and after


Clinic Address: ED-59A, Near Pitampura Metro Station, Madhuban Chowk, Delhi – 110088

Mobile: +91 9999570494


8. Eugenix Skin and Hair Sciences Clinic

eugenix logo

The only thing Eugenix Skin and Hair Sciences Clinic mainly focus more on delivering the best, which eventually makes the client happy. Being equipped with the latest tech and most experienced professionals onboard hair implants and other surgeries is a piece of cake for the experts here. So, providing the best at affordable prices is and has always been the primary motive of the Eugenix Skin and Hair Sciences Clinic.

eugenix before and after


Clinic Address:  D-15, Second Floor, South Ex-2, New Delhi

Mobile: +91 8826473333


9. Dr. A’s Clinic – Delhi

A’s Clinic logo

The expert team of professionals is mainly known for the best treatment and medical therapies with the best quality service assurance across Delhi and in the entire country. So, backed with all the medical equipment and required facilities and additionally some of the most experienced hands at work. A trust that has been won through years of hard work and dedication has enabled a good image in the clients’ perspective.

A’s Clinic before and after


Clinic Address:  B-104, Ground Floor, C.R. Park, (Near GK-II Metro Station) New Delhi-110019

Mobile: +91 9999940478


10. Sareen Hair Clinic

sareen logo

A prominent clinic for hair restoration with a diverse range of services mainly offered with complete and assured services for men as well as women. A great team works with the clinic which specializes in also offering the focused attention to every client walking in.

These hair transplant clinics offer the best hair transplant services that can be ever found anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to approach and seek consultations for getting a new look through the hair transplant surgeries through the best hair transplant services clinics in Delhi.

sareen before and after


Clinic Address:  E-104, Hansraj Gupta Road, Greater Kailash-1, Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Mobile: +91 7678697036


Hair loss: Problems that could be causing you to go bald – however ...

What is Hair Transplant?

It is mainly a surgical process that involves the removal of hair follicles from any site in the body like face or legs and planting them on the hairless portion. This process is always used in transplanting hair in lashes and brows. The latest techniques are also permanent and they pick up follicular clusters of hair. This process is mainly called Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT) which can be done in two ways, strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

FUE can also be done in a single or several settings. It is mainly a manual and time taking process but gives very natural results and leaves behind no marks. However, it is always not a cost-effective process and is time-consuming both for the doctor and the patient. However, the use of robotics has also reduced the time in this process and simplified it immensely.

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Basic Steps Of Hair Transplant Centre in Delhi



 1. Preparation for the hair transplant

In the initial step of the Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi, hair follicles from the back of the head are mainly removed and relocated to the balding areas.

2. Donor area trimmed

Before the surgery is also started, the hair in the donor area is trimmed.

3. Donor area prepared for surgery

Once the hair in the donor area is mainly trimmed it is given local anesthesia.

4. The tissue in the donor area mainly removed and the Donor area sutured

The tissue in the donor area that always contains the bald resistant hair follicles is then removed surgically and the donor area is sutured.

5. Combed hair over the sutured donor area

The sutures in the donor area are mainly hidden from the patient’s hair that are combed over them. These sutures are mainly removed almost ten days after the hair transplant surgery.

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6. Donor tissue trimmed into follicular unit grafts

Microscopes are then also used by the surgical technicians to view the donor tissue for dissecting and preparing follicular unit hair grafts.

7. Bald recipient area prepared

Whenever the local anesthesia is given to any of the patients, the balding recipient area is mainly prepared for the surgical process No trimming/removal of healthy hair is required at the top of the recipient area.

8. Incisions made in the balding areas

hair transplant surgeon delhi

Follicular Unit Grafts are mainly placed in the tiny incisions that are made in an irregular pattern in the recipient area.

9. Grafts placed according to their densities

The smallest grafts (one and two) are placed in front of the hairline and three and four (denser than one and two) are placed behind.

10. Immediately after the Hair Transplant Surgery

After the hair transplant surgery, tiny incisions with short hair would also be visible on the patients operated area.

11. Closing of the Hair Transplant Surgery

The incision marks always heal naturally and the redness in the recipient area vanishes itself within a week.

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Cost of Hymenoplasty Surgery Delhi,Best Virginity restoration surgeon

Hair transplant, how much does it cost?

Certainly, the cost of hair transplants in Delhi is something looking at which a person can be blown away hence the common notion of it being a fairly overpriced treatment has gone viral. Europe and the USA are way expensive in contrast with all the countries across the globe.

Whereas in a country like India the costs are:-

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)- per graft between – USD 1 for each follicle
  2. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)- per graft price between – USD 1.25 for each follicle

In a nutshell, the cost of hair transplants in the US and Europe can range anywhere between $5,000 to $14,000 & on the other hand in India would be 900 USD. Hence this really means it would cost anywhere between 60,000 INR to 75,000 INR. On the other hand, people who also get it done in the US and Europe end up paying in INR 420,000 to 10,50000.

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FAQS on Hair Transplant Delhi

How long does the hair last after transplant?

  • Most people are able to return to work 2 to 5 days after the operation. Within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will also fall out, but you should start to notice new growth within a few months.

Can I always use someone else’s hair for a hair transplant?

  • Unlike organ transplants, you are also your own donor for a hair transplant in Delhi. There is no donor and recipient. So, if you received healthy hair, follicles, and tissue from someone else (other than an identical twin), your body would reject them without immune-suppressant drugs.

Can pubic hair be transplanted to head?

  • The pubic hair in a pubic hair transplant is mainly transplanted from the pubic region onto areas of the scalp that are experiencing balding or thinning. It has, however, always been successfully utilized in cases where other sources of donor’s hair have been exhausted, and the patient is badly in need of hair restoration.

Does transplanted hair turn GREY?

  • Transplanted healthy hairs will also turn gray in the same manner as your donor hairs will turn grey. Transplanted hairs will turn gray in the same manner as your donor hairs will always turn grey. Surgery does not accelerate the graying process.

So, choosing the right treatment is very important.



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Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics In Delhi, That You Are Looking For?

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