Things to know before getting a hair transplant surgery

Going through a hair transplant is a big decision. The cost of the best hair transplant is an important outlay for various people. A bad hair transplant has long-term harmful effects on the patient. A hair transplantation is an elective surgery. Important things to be considered before a hair transplant are discussed below:

Do you require a hair transplant?

If your hair loss is a great concern, speak to the Best Doctor for hair transplant. They will talk you about the various treatment options.

Cause of hair loss

There are various reasons for hair loss but the majority of men experience hair loss due to hereditary Androgenetic Alopecia. Hair transplant surgery is a lasting treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia.


It is essential to understand the hair loss pattern before surgery. Hence, younger men below 25 require effective medical treatment from the Best Doctor for Hair Transplant in Delhi

Another factor determined by a patient’s age is how it will affect the hair transplant design.

Substitutes to hair transplant surgery

There is a medical treatment for hair loss. There are US FDA sanctioned medicines that have proven effectiveness as a hair loss treatment in 80% of male with hair loss. When you stop taking drugs, hair loss will get a resume.

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Hair transplant cost

The cost of hair transplant is high, as the procedure needs a team of highly skilled medical staff and Top Hair Transplant Doctors. Hence, if the cost of a hair transplant is the main factor that is affecting your decision about the surgery, we strongly recommend you to consider medical treatments. Having an inferior quality hair transplant poses negative, serious and long-term consequences.

The experience and skill of the Hair transplant doctors

Hair transplant design is important to achieve an undetectable hair transplant. The skill and experience of the surgeon are important for a successful outcome. The degree of scarring in the donor area following a hair transplant is determined by the body’s own ability of healing, the method used to extract the grafts.

Kind of surgery – FUT or FUE

The difference between FUE and FUT is the donor hair being transplanted is removed from the scalp. For patients, the optimal treatment plan consists of the use of both techniques. Before making a decision about what technique to select, a consultation with a properly qualified best Hair Transplant Doctors is essential.

Complications or risks of the surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a safe outpatient procedure that is without risks or complications.

How soon after surgery can you return to work?

On the basis of the type of procedure you have undergone any type of job you do, it is quite possible to go back to work within a few days. Many patients return to work even after three days of surgery.

The success rate of hair transplant surgery

In a non-smoker, the grafts will grow successfully if the surgery is done in accordance with the highest international standards. As per the clinical studies, 98% of the grafts placed will eventually grow as normal hair. However, you can experience certain side effects that are very common such as infection, bleeding, lack of sensation and bruising around eyes.

Also, the hair transplant clinic Radiance Cosmedic Centre must be done in the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi after doing the proper research.

Things to know before getting a hair transplant surgery

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