How to keep your strands away from Lice?

How to keep your strands away from Lice?


Getting lice infestation these days is extremely easy especially for the school going kids and the parents often worry about keeping this infection at bay as it takes away the enjoyment and outdoor activities of their children. Lice do not cause any harmful effect on the body but it does irritate the skin and scalp.

What is Lice Infestation?

Head lice are small parasites that suck human blood from their scalp and multiply once they reach the stage of adulthood. The infection can spread from a close physical or head-to-head contact among children or even adults. At times, lice bite can leave small red rashes on the neck and at the back of the ear. It is very necessary to identify the initial symptoms of this infection and consult appropriate help for the same since, lice nowadays, have become defensive to chemicals and other such products. They continue to stick to the hair strands even after washing the hair or using nit combs.

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Causes of getting infected

There are several causes that help this infection to spread easily and later grow in different heads. However, it does not symbolize poor hygiene or living conditions of any individual. The individual need to focus on some basic sharing habits that he/she might have. If you are in the habit of scratching your head after regular intervals or frequently then you might need to examine your hair and scalp. These are few of the reasons why head lice are spreading like a fire among different individuals.

  •  In case of a close head contact with someone already having the infection.
  •  Sharing hair accessories like hats, scarves, combs, brushes, clips, hair bands etc.
  •  Sharing of beddings like pillows, bed sheets or cushions with different people.
  •  Even clothes like sportswear, coats or blazers act as a medium of spread.
  •  Avoid keeping loose hair while playing or working since lice can easily get on loose hair strands.

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Getting the right treatment

Since this infection spreads easily it is very important to act in the right direction in order to get rid of this infection. There are several head lice treatment centers around the world to cater to the needs of people. Hair Whisperers is one of the most trusted by the people of America and California. Established in 2007, it aims at providing head lice removal service even from the comfort of your home. There are numerous benefits of choosing their service.

  •  Chemical-free treatments, which are effective from the first sitting.
  •  Highly flexible treatments keeping in mind the suitability of the clients.
  •  At home examination by the experts.
  •  Guaranteed head lice and nit removal.
  •  No additional products to be purchased.
  •  Manual cross-examination for full-proof results.

Let’s sum up

Head Lice Infestation can be a real bothersome experience for some who do not go for treatments and preventive measures as they treat the problem professionally and help people in getting their healthy hair back.

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How to keep your strands away from Lice?

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