Most of us take our looks, and hairs fall for granted same as health and youth. If thinning on top or going bald bothers, you then getting an appointment with the best doctor for hair transplant is an option that can be availed with ease. Hair transplant can help you to bring back your lost hairs and can make you feel more confident about your looks. Medical science has made it possible to possess that perfect look which you desire with your natural hair keeping in mind your age and style. However, before going for a hair transplant, one should know the details of the procedure. Let’s have a look at its aspects such as benefits, cost, results, and types.


• Robotic hair transplant – This is considered the best way to perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure in which harvesting of follicular unit grafts is automated, making the process more viable. Robotic hair transplant in Delhi focuses on removing Hair follicles from back areas of the scalp, which are then implanted back on the balding areas. This will help you to get a superior precision in a transplant.
• Non-surgical hair transplants – This is a fast and less expensive hair gain process with the help of which hair is produced in whichever style you want. The process does not involve regrowth of hair but relieves you from your baldness. It allows you to have a head full of natural and stylish looking hair.


• Permanent remedy – Hair transplant doctors help in the growth of natural hair and assist to cope up with your balding patches and massive hair fall. This is a more reliable and permanent solution as compared to other holistic methods.
• Improved appearance – Hair transplant surgery helps in filling of balding areas with hair that will grow naturally after the process. Best hair Transplant doctor can give you a beautiful mane and makes you feel more confident about yourself.
• Cost effective – Most of the hair transplant in Delhi offer a cost-effective process of hair growth as compared to other hair restoration procedures. This is because it is a one –time procedure, and there is no need for you to visit the doctor additionally and spend bucks again and again.
• Low maintenance – Best hair transplant in Delhi is the one that demands minimal maintenance, and that too on the affected areas post operation. This is because hair transplanted grows like natural and regular hair. There is also no requirement of additional shampoos to maintain the hair density.
• Does way with balding – Those who have been suffering from baldness would fondly remember how it feels to run their fingers through hair. Hair transplant results in Delhi showcase that it is now possible to regain that feeling both for men and women. Once the surgery is done, the affected areas will never have hair fall, and you will get rid away from bald patches.


Hair transplant cost in India ranges from Rs 85,000 to Rs 5, 00,000 with cost per graft is Rs 30 to Rs 35. However, it depends on the area of baldness and the requirement of grafts by the individual.

Hair transplant results

Transplantation done from even the Best Clinic for hair transplant will lead to hair fall for 2 to 3 week to make way for new hair growth. Mostly, new hair growth is visible nearly 8 to 12 months after the surgery. The transplanted hair will also become thin like regular hair over time. Hair transplants are considered to be successful than over the counter restoration products. After the surgery, doctors may prescribe you medication for anti-inflammation and pain reliever for several days.


The risks and complications that occur after the hair transplant are usually minor in nature and clear up within a few weeks. The doctors at the best hair transplant clinics always present the risk factors in detail with the patient to avoid any issues.
• Surgical risk of bleeding or infection
• Chance of unnatural looking new hair growth
• Sudden loss of some original hair where new strands were grown
• Scars that may be itchy, severe and reddened
• Tissue death along the area of the wound
• Scalp swelling
• Bruising around eyes

Why us?

Radiance Cosmedic Centre has got the best of hair transplant doctors in Delhi who have conducted many successful surgeries. These are highly qualified who are trained from the world best doctors. Additionally, our professionalism, service quality, hygienic environment, and latest cosmetic surgeries make us the most excellent center for hair transplant. Dr. Mayank Singh is a certified hair transplant specialist at Radiance Cosmedic Centre. His mission is to provide access to advanced cosmetic procedures to the common masses of Delhi.


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