5 Yoga Myths That You Need To Stop Believing

Yoga is known to the ancient practice of achieving a balance between physical and mental health and keep both healthy. But over the years, there have been huge myths spread around the whole world regarding yoga and here’s a list of six such myths –

Flexibility – One of the biggest myths that surround the world of yoga is that you need to be as flexible as a rubber band to master the art of yoga. This is a false statement. Yoga is all about dedication and practice. As you keep practicing and dedicate yourself to do yoga on a daily basis, you will be able to do most poses in no time and achieve perfection.

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Difficulty – You can never be sure of how anything’s level of difficulty unless you try it. And just like most things in life, perfection is achieved through practice. It is very true that some of the yoga poses are a little tricky but even those can be done easily with time and practice. You should always start with beginner-level yoga poses and then when you master them, slowly keep moving on to the next phases. Some of the yoga asanas are so simple that you don’t even need compassionate tutorials for that.

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Religion – One of the first things people confuse yoga with is that it is related to any one particular religion. This is not true since yoga is not part of any religion but a spiritual connection to one’s body and mind and soul. It is true that various people try chanting a few mantras during some yoga sessions but that is solely for the purpose of centering their focus and not because of any religious reasons.

Yoga is for thin people – One of the things which are very demotivating and gives out the wrong image of the world of yoga are the various images on the internet with women with their perfectly toned bodies promoting yoga which might mislead some people into believing that yoga is just for thin people. Yoga belongs to everyone irrespective of your body type or age.

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Yoga poses are the same – Isn’t that a big fact lie! All yoga poses are very different from each other and aim at improving different parts of the body and affecting only those which they are meant to affect. From poses that will help you connect your soul, body, and mind to the high-intensity ones for relieving body pain and stress, yoga offers innumerable asanas for almost everything. There are a number of challenges, variations, and adjustments that you can make according to your preference.

Yoga studio – While it is very true that all types of exercise and workout, even yoga, should be done under the guidance of an instructor or a trainer so that you have a helping hand all through the way, once you have mastered the poses and ways of doing things that work best for you, you can perform them at home in your own comfort and it won’t be much of a problem. But always be safe and take the necessary precautions.

5 Yoga Myths That You Need To Stop Believing

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