5 Home Remedies To Counter Dry Mouth

Are you feeling dry mouth problems or after having 2-3 glasses of water but your mouth is still dry? Then yes, you need to take care of this. Dry mouth problem or Xerostomia is a condition; where the glands generate saliva do not function properly. When the salivary glands of your mouth, stop making enough saliva to keep your mouth wet, then you can face the dry mouth problem. Sometimes stress and depression can be the reason for your dry mouth.

However, serious dry mouth is a harmful condition, so then you need to consult with a doctor to remove its bad health effects. If you want to get rid of it, then you are on the right page.

Drink enough water

First of all, hydration is a must to keep yourself hydrated. You have to sip plenty of water to keep this problem aside. You have to drink two litres of water daily to maintain proper hydration. If you do not want to drink plain water then, you can drink fruit juice or coconut water to keep your mouth wet. If you are in the primary stage then, only drinking water can cure this health issue. However, minor dehydration can be cured by drinking water. This thing can be a great leader of your dry mouth.

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Mouth breathing

You must have heard mouth breathing can dry out your mouth very easily. You need to stop doing that. Otherwise, it can make your oral condition worse. You should breathe directly from your nose. Sometimes you cannot breathe from your nose, because of some allergies or congestion, and then you have to visit your doctor once to cure the nose infection. Otherwise, practising through your nose can be helpful, if you are having Xerostomia.

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Use mouthwash

Mouthwash plays an important role to reduce the effect of dry mouth. Mouthwash can gives you a positive result to maintain your oral health. Before picking your mouth wash you should check the ingredients of the product. Several types of mouthwash contain alcohol to kill bacteria, but those tend to dry out your mouth area. So, you must avoid that. You can make your homemade mouthwash. You can prepare your mouthwash by mixing water, a few drops of lime juice, and salt, this can help to cure dry mouth.

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Try sugar-free candy

• Sugar-free lozenges can help you to get rid of dry mouth.
• Eating candies can shut down your mouth.
• Lozenges can help to circulate your Salva.
• These processes can provide you with some instant results.
• Sucking candies especially sugar-free ones can give you a temporary result.
• It can keep you aside from dry mouth problems.
• A lozenge helps from its occurring as well.
• But having too many lozenges and sweets can damage your teeth.

Try lemon

Lemon has its acidic nature. Lemon helps to treat the bad breath problem. Lemon also clears your mouth. Lemon maintains saliva production as well. You must drink lemon juice if you are suffering from dry mouth. You can drink lemon water and lemon juice every alternate day to stimulate your saliva production.

Certain types of medicine can give you dry mouth, so avoid that as much as you can. Besides these five tips, you can talk to your doctor to cure dry mouth.

5 Home Remedies To Counter Dry Mouth

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