5 Healthy Ways To Express That Anger Without Making Things Messy

Anger is an emotion and just like any other emotion, we should be able to express our anger as well. But for some people, it is pretty daunting to do so. Expressing anger is okay as long as you are able to control it. Just the time you realize that you can’t control your anger and could harm anyone because of it, you need to learn how to manage or express your anger. So below are 5 tips or rather ways you can express anger having to harm no one.

Talk it out

Talk to a friend, cousin, family member, or anyone who would listen to you and who is understanding. Someone who would hear you out without judging you. Disgorge all your feelings and everything that is making you anxious and angry. And you will notice yourself in a very peaceful place after the process, it works as a therapy. But try not to hold on to something that is making you angry it is better to let some things go.

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Pen it down

An alternative for talking to someone is to write it down. Whenever you feel angry take a pen and a paper and write all your feelings down. Write every single thing you are feeling at that very moment. This will also help you calm down and feel okay. You can read it later if you want, that way you’ll notice some amazing things about yourself that you’ve never noticed.

Shout it out

This method might sound funny but people around the globe do it often to express their anger. Take a pillow put your mouth into it and scream out loud, let your all anger go as you scream. This way you’ll feel a lot better at the end of the method and no one will be able to hear you as well. You can do the same thing in the car as well. Shut all the doors and windows and shout out loud.

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Use a racketball

Stand up against a wall and hit the ball with your racket. Turn all your anger into your strength and hit the ball with all your power. Let your anger go as you hit the wall with your forced racketball. And at the end of the process, you will feel a lot better and calm. Also, you might get better at playing racketball.

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These two might feel like more of a physical exercise but you will feel the difference yourself once you start doing it. Whenever you feel anger that you can’t control plug in the headphones and run. Think of how angry you are and run faster and after the long run when you feel tired you’ll notice all your anger is gone. You can also take a good swim in a pool, that works as same as running.

These are 5 healthy ways you can express your anger without creating any mess. Choose one of them and make it your routine so whenever you feel the heat you know what to do to calm yourself down.

5 Healthy Ways To Express That Anger Without Making Things Messy

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