3 Health Risks Associated With Keto Diets

While the Keto diet craze is still on and nobody seems to talk about the cons of following this diet, there are some things that you must know before you follow this diet. Every diet has its fair share of pros and cons but in this case, the cons are a bit too serious that can lead to long term health problems. There are a lot of healthcare professionals who still don’t know the long term health care problems that the Keto diet can cause so they don’t warn you but if you are thinking of starting to follow the keto diet then you are in the absolute right place as you need to gather all sorts of information rather than following blindly. This low carbohydrate diet plan is still very much in trend as it helps lose weight comparatively early than the other diet plans while allowing you to eat tempting foods like pizza, burger, cheese, and other things.

Low Carbohydrate foods lead to Vitamin and Mineral deficiency

Keto diet usually makes you limit your carbohydrate intake, per say you can’t have more than 30-50 grams of carbs a day. But by doing so you have to eliminate so many foods that are alternatively the source of multiple vitamins and minerals as well. Mainly bread and refined sugar are the primary sources of carbohydrates but they are also whole grains, so full of fibers. And cutting off a huge amount of fibers can cause indigestion, constipation, or diarrhoea. In some extreme cases, it can even cause increased cholesterol and blood pressure. And as mentioned earlier cutting of a lot of vegetables and fruits only because they have carbs in them can make your body obstruct from all the good vitamins and minerals in them.

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If you are an athlete be sure of what you are eating

It’s amazing how ketogenic diet is helping people lose weight so easily and that’s the main reason many sportsperson and athletes are also joining the bandwagon but the strict diet is costing them a lot of strength. It is helpful for sportspersons and athletes to lose weight as it helps them improve their pace but just for the sake of pace cutting off a lot of healthy foods is costing them their strength as well. According to a study athletes who were on a high carb diet performed a lot better in intense physical activities than the ones on a keto diet.

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Expose you to several chronic diseases

Being low on carb, keto diet allows you to stock up upon high fats, animal-based protein, and dairy products. And if you follow the keto diet for a long time there’s a chance that you can get chronic heart diseases. According to some studies, AFib which is the most popular heart disorder increases the risk of stroke, and heart failure is caused by a low carb diet. Researches also prove that people following low carb high-fat diets are more likely to end up dying of cancer and are also likely to die earlier than usual.

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These are some of the most common downsides of following the keto diet, so the best thing would be to follow a diet with moderate carbs and plant-based proteins that will keep you healthy without the fear of any long term health issues.

3 Health Risks Associated With Keto Diets

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