Why hide ourselves behind those layers of make up when we can shine on our own!


Nature is the best gift. We are the ones who fail to realize its worth, power and magic. We are blindly getting trapped in the materialistic and synthetic web that is created by us. It’s time that we finally switch to the natural remedies from harsh and plastic cosmetics.

The following are the tips for our beauty and hair:

  1. For dull and oily combination skin-

To see the difference in your skin from dull and oily to the bright and desired, massage the skin with iced yogurt with some sugar along with it. Take halves of an orange and scrub gently until the granules melt. Wash face with ice water.

  1. Suffering from frizzy hair?

Let’s make spray! You need two slices of lemon and shall simmer it in two cups of water until it reduces to half the amount. Pour the liquid into a sprinkler bottle and spray on your hair. After wash, you will see a wonderful natural sheen in your hair.


  1. Instant face lift

Wash your face with icy water or simply rub an ice cube with a table spoon of honey on your face. Beat an egg white until it peaks and brush onto your skin. Let it dry.

Wash with iced water to see the lit difference!

  1. Quick hair care-

When you don’t have time to shampoo and blow dry, and guess what; your hair is oily too, sweat not! Then sprinkle talcum and amla powder onto your hairbrush. Comb your hair from your nape to the tips.

And voila! You have glowing skin and bouncy hair! Look for more natural hacks and keep experimenting-HEALTHY. Use them and enjoy but never substitute them for a regular skin and hair care regime.


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