2 Newfangled Anti-Aging Treatments to Beat the Clock

2 Newfangled Anti-Aging Treatments to Beat the Clock

When you look good, you start feeling good and vice versa. Healthful beauty is nothing but scientific, smart, and sound ways to take care of and improve your skin. Here we talk about two distinct anti-aging skin treatments to revive and reinvigorate your skin.

Chemical peels treatment for acne and scars

  • This innovative acne scar treatment is essentially a non-invasive aesthetic procedure.

  • Chemical peels remedial technique helps improve the facial skin texture and makes it smooth by making use of a distinctive chemical solution. It causes the dead skin cells to form blisters on the skin and eventually peel off.

  • The rejuvenated skin is ideally smoother, more wrinkle-free, and more charming than the old skin.

  • Chemical peels treatment can be done on the face, neck, or hands.

  • Areas of your skin affected by sun damage improve drastically after administration of chemical peels.

Benefits of best chemical peels treatment

  • Helps diminish fine lines around your eyes and mouth.

  • Helps treat and lessen wrinkles surfaced because of aging or sun damage.

  • Helps fade away the appearance of mild scars.

  • Helps cure certain severe types of acne.

  • Help reduce freckle specks, pigmentation marks, age spots and dark patches developed due to pregnancy or intake of birth control pills.

  • Helps enhance the overall look and feel of the skin.


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The time after

  • Once the chemical peels treatment is over, your skin temporarily catches more sensitivity to the sun. Therefore wearing a sunscreen every day is compulsory as suggested by leading anti-aging experts.

  • Make sure you opt for a “broad spectrum” sunscreen having SPF 30 or above so that it guards your skin against both UVA and UVB rays.

Are you a good student for a chemical peel?

  • By and large, people who have fair skin and light hair are better candidates for fruit and chemical peels treatment.

  • Given that your skin is darker, good results can be achieved based on the exact problem type being treated. But a word of caution here! Your skin tone may develop unevenness following the procedure.

  • Sagging or bulging skin and conditions of severe wrinkles don’t respond favorably to chemical peels. They may be in want of other cosmetic surgical remedies like laser skin resurfacing, a facelift or soft tissue fillers made of collagen or fat.

  • A dermatology expert can help ascertain the precise treatment type for you.


How much chemical peels cost

How much chemical peels cost?

Chemical peels treatment cost does vary state-wise and doctor-wise in India. However, the current average price stands anything in the range between INR 1500 and 3000.

  1. Injectable Fillers

Injectable collagen wrinkle fillers proffer your skin with a smoother, plumper appearance.

Even though among fillers collagen is best known for removing wrinkles, there a number of other substances anti-aging doctors use to have your skin plumped up. These include fat from your other body parts and synthetic materials.

In what ways do collagen injections combat wrinkles?

  • They help replenish your skin’s natural collagen depletion.

  • They help supplement skin’s lost collagen thereby allowing your skin to develop smooth facial features and get rid of a few types of scars.

  • Since the contour of your skin’s scaffold is restored, the inherent beauty is greatly enriched.

What are the other types of injectable anti-wrinkle treatment

What are the other types of injectable anti-wrinkle treatment?

Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, and Xeomin

  • In actuality, Botulinum toxin isn’t a wrinkle filler. When injected, the facial muscles experience immobilization of the underlying factors that cause wrinkles and fine lines.

  • You can majorly benefit from Botulinum toxin for removing crow’s feet around your eyes, eyebrow furrows and creases on your forehead.


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Juvéderm, Restylane, Prevelle Silk, Perlane, Belotero, Elevess

  • Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance generated by the body itself to offer your skin immense volume and fullness.

  • These injections mainly permeate between your skin’s collagen and elastin fibers.

  • It restocks your skin’s natural volume dwindled because of aging.

  • Hyaluronic acid injections are completely risk-free but call for frequent repeats for maintaining the result of wrinkle treatment.

  • Since Hyaluronic acid is known to attract and bind water, the fullness of your skin is kept up wherever the injections are applied.

  • A few constituents of hyaluronic acid have increased thickness and result in adding substantial volume and structure.

  • Other thinner and smoother ingredients have the capacity to flow with enhanced consistency.

  • Juvéderm is renowned for its long-standing effects by sustaining the appearance up until 12 months with much less inflammation or tissue injury.


  • Scientifically called calcium hydroxylapatite, this semi-permanent wrinkle filler suspends in a hydrating gel and serves to augment soft tissue formation.

  • Besides, it stimulates the generation of collagen as part of natural wrinkle treatment and removal.

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2 Newfangled Anti-Aging Treatments to Beat the Clock

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