What causes skin cancer?

What causes skin cancer?

We people always very protective of our health and body. So we take so many preventive measures to safeguard our health and body. But unknowingly a health problem arises to our body which we are not able to protect. Our health body is so sensitive that little change in climate or change in our food may affect our body easily. Everyone wants to live a perfect, healthy and happy life. For that sometimes we have to sacrifice a lot. Example dieting, change in eating habits, yoga, and exercise we do everything to make our body and mind healthy and fit. But somehow our body falls into the hands of disease. When you lead a perfectly healthy life to control your food habit and doing everything for your health and suddenly when you become weak, it affects not only your body but also your mind. You lose confidence and lose hope in life. You have to face it and fight against it. As our body is so sensitive and our skin is more sensitive. Now a day’s people face a big threat in disease is cancer. Scientists found treatment for it still people are not able to handle the treatment and lose their willpower. As a result, they face death. When such kind of health problems arrives you should never drop your willpower it’s the main weapon to fight against such disease. In cancer, there are different types. Breast cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer etc. It’s all about willpower and we should give mental support to such patients. Love and care is the main treatment.

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When we talk about skin cancer it affects the skin as we know. It’s due to the development of abnormal cells that spread to other parts of the body. It’s a very difficult time for such people but still, they have to fight and have to go through the treatments. There are three types of cancer, base-cell skin cancer, squalors cell skin cancer, and melanoma. This has treatment and has the chance to diagnosis but they have to be optimistic in their thoughts otherwise treatment alone will not work. Mainly this skin cancer arrives due to,



Skin cancer mainly arises in areas like face, nose, neck, ears these are mainly exposed the area to the sun. Skin cancer arises to the chest, back and other hidden parts too but such case is rare. Mainly arise in the exposed areas of the body. We can’t surely say that this parts will be affected by skin cancer but it affects to anywhere on the skin. Mostly adults, teenagers and children’s get sunburnt during the summer weekend. It’s because they participate in extracurricular activities like sports, gardening, swimming, take part in an outdoor competition and their skin clearly exposed to sun this results in sunburnt. Sunburnt don’t cause your skin cells deeply but increase the risk of skin cancer. Because of that we must be careful and take care of ours and others health and have to take preventive measure for that.

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Tanning means skin becomes brown or darkened by exposing to the hot sun. It’s because of exposure of skin to the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or from artificial sources. It increases the risk of skin cancer. As we know skin is so sensitive organ of our body parts we have to be very protective of it. If your skin tanned lightly it means that you have exposed your skin to UV rays which will result in some health problems. As we studied in our school days that skin has a top layer called melanin? It makes our skin change color and tan. It’s like a protective cover to our skin from UV radiation.

Usage of sun creams or lotion

Usage of sun creams or lotion

We usually use sun cream or lotion to protect our body and skin from UV radiation. It helps our skin to protect from hot sun but for temporarily. As we know our skin needs vitamin D which leads to the production of the vitamin in the skin. When we use sun creams or sun lotion it blocks the flow of vitamin D in our skin. When there is a blockage of vitamin it causes some skin problems and it becomes one of the reasons for skin cancer. We are not saying don’t use sun creams use it and to increase vitamins in your skin and body you should eat lots of vegetables and fruits to maintain the balance.

Sun beds

A Sunbed has also known as solariums it’s a machine. This emits ultraviolet radiation. They are not at all good to our skin and they mainly increase the risk of skin cancer. So in foreign countries, cosmetic tanning by using solariums or sunbeds is completely banned or prohibited. Research has found that more than 56% people are affected skin cancer only because they used solariums before the age of 35 and 30.It doesn’t boost vitamin D level too. If you want to boost vitamins in your skin you have to eat fresh vegetable and fruits.

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Skin cancer is most common in foreign countries and people catch such health problems easily. Although we give importance to our health and body people caught into such diseases. We will not able to completely avoid such health problems but we can reduce its risk by taking some preventive measures. Mainly parents should protect their children from the sun. They should use sunscreens, clothes to protect skin and don’t let go children’s during the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. We can decrease the risk of skin cancer. We can stay healthy and live happily.



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What causes skin cancer?

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